Molly Clark

My name is Molly and I have the honor of serving at Oregon State University in partnership with Grace City Church in Corvallis, Oregon! Based in a very science minded and secular school, my desire is to see every single student given the chance to find family and hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

On a weekly basis, I have the honor of discipling women in their walk with Jesus, engaging with new students on campus, and equipping and empowering students with the tools to fully share their faith to a lost generation that will continue on after graduation. We have the opportunity to not only interact with domestic students but also to touch the lives of students from one of the ninety-five foreign nations represented at OSU. Ultimately, I desire to see the students at OSU own their faith through making reproducible disciples of Jesus, resulting in a revival on the Oregon State campus that will touch not only Corvallis but the rest of the world!

When I'm not on campus I enjoy making pancakes, watching dolphin training videos, traveling internationally, and singing 90s Disney songs way too loudly in the car.

I want to give

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