ABC3 Southeast Cluster

ABC3 Southeast Cluster

Date 03/25/2019 - 03/26/2019
7556 Salisbury Rd Jacksonville, FL 32256-6913 United States
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Cluster meetings for pastors are part of Every Nation’s church-planting model, known as “ABC3.” Here are the five components of the model:

  • Assessment Center for Church-Planters — This week-long program helps potential church planters discern their calling as lead pastors of a new church by affirming strengths and identifying weaknesses. Most prospective church planters find the feedback invaluable in preparing them for the challenges ahead. It’s also the first step in the ABC3 church-planting model and a prerequisite for the next step, BootCamp.
  • BootCamp for Church-Planters — This five-day program teaches church planters essential steps in the three phases of planting their new church: Pre-Launch, Launch, and Post-Launch. The objective is to give church planters practical skills that will help them break through statistical barriers by planting healthy, vibrant, and growing churches.
  • Coaching — BootCamp is the start of a two-year process of personalized coaching that will guide new pastors in mission, vision, and values discovery; values alignment; strategic planning; sermon series; and processes.
  • Consulting — The same elements of the coaching process described above are also used for established Every Nation churches as ABC3 staff are called in by the local churches’ senior pastors.
  • Clusters — Held regionally around North America, these meetings gather together pastors for regular fellowship, training, and communication or Every Nation’s mission, vision, and values.

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