North American Initiative

North American Initiative
During the last twenty years, Every Nation has grown from a handful of churches to more than a thousand in sixty nations. God has truly blessed our movement. We have over eighty churches in North America, but our impact on the continent needs to be even greater. To influence this crucial part of the world, we need more churches, more pastors, more campus missionaries, and more church members.

Out of this need, the dream of the 2020 North American Church-Planting Initiative was born.
Imagine for a moment what North America would be like if more cities heard the Good News, if more people became whole-hearted disciples of Jesus, if more churches existed to serve their communities. Our culture would be transformed for generations.

The North American Initiative is far too big an undertaking for individual congregations to accomplish on their own. But if we unite, all across North America, joining together in faith, focus, and personal investment, then there's nothing that God could not accomplish through us.

This dream won't happen without you. Together we can reach the people in these key cities and the students on their colleges and universities. The need is extraordinary. The choice is yours. Will you join the movement?

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