African Resource Ministry

African Resource Ministry
African Resource Ministry (ARM) exists to empower a new generation of campus leaders in Southern Africa. It enables those from underprivileged backgrounds with proven leadership abilities and ministry calling to step into ministry on the university campuses of Africa.

The universities of South Africa need the gospel right now more than ever due to current increasing political, philosophical, and religious trends that are contrary to the gospel. We, therefore, need empowered African leaders making an impact on the campuses. However, many capable young leaders have been unable to fulfill the call of God on their lives because of financial pressure due to factors such as a history of massive economic injustice and wide socioeconomic disparities in the South African context. Their more constrained social networks and heavy financial burden of responsibility towards their families and communities can hold them back from ministering on their campuses full-time.

ARM helps those from disadvantaged backgrounds with the finances to help them fulfill their God-given calling. The idea is to create a booster fund through which we can give a monthly financial injection into the lives of these ministers and assist in bridging the economic gap for a duration of two years. ARM will select ten ministers who have proven themselves in the areas of competence, character, and calling but are struggling financially. By relieving the financial pressure, the minister is freed up to focus all of his/her efforts on campus ministry and is given an opportunity to establish a sustainable long-term financial base.

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