Emmy Orioha
Growing up in Nigeria, my dream was always that I would one day play professional soccer. So when I came to Texas State University as a freshman, I felt like I had given up on myself. I was already convinced that I would never experience true joy and that a God who allowed me to suffer couldn’t be real.
It was in the depths of sadness that I began to see God’s mercy upon my life. I met an Every Nation campus missionary who taught me about the love of God and nothing was the same. I came to know Christ and godly character by watching, learning from, and being challenged by the Every Nation staff, campus bible studies, conferences, and fellowship. God blessed me through meeting my incredible fiancee and we both came to know God together.
Experiencing God transformed my life and those around me has grown a desire in me that everyone at Texas State can taste and see the goodness of God. In a society where 70% of college students will lose their faith in college, I pray that focusing on the campus will see souls encountered by God that will go and change the world around them. I am truly honored that God would give me the joy of being in the midst of His divine work. I’m grateful to you for going to the campus with me!

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