Aaron Villarreal

Aaron Villarreal
In 2014 when I started college, I thought that I knew God, but turned out that I was running away from him and that I only knew some aspects of him. When a friend of mine had the courage to invite me out to meet some of her friends my life would be forever changed. I met a group of people on the UTSA campus who were earnestly desiring to pursue after God and live a life pleasing to him. They invited me to a conference where I experienced God’s presence for the first time in my life and I was broken down by the amazing love and grace that God showed me that day. It was at a conference like this two years later, when I felt God tugging on my heart and urging me to answer the call to ministry. My heart was forever changed when I answered God’s calling to reach our campus. I now have a passion to help the students at UTSA see what God can do for them and how he can radically change their lives.

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